Here is a list of things to do near Nevada Treasure RV Resort / Pahrump NV.

Las Vegas

“Sin City” truly needs no introduction. America’s world-renowned playground is a jewel of the Southwest. The Vegas metro is an absolute paradise for fun seekers, with luxury lodging, high-stakes gaming, truly world-class restaurants and more entertainment options that anyone could possibly explore in a lifetime.

Ash Meadows

Named for the Ash trees that grow here, Ash Meadows is an important preserve for plant and animal life in the region. This beautiful desert jewel includes 24,000 acres of spring-fed wetlands, the bottomless “Devil’s Hole,” and countless species that live nowhere else on Earth.

Amargosa Valley

“The Dunes” are an off-roader’s paradise! Covering an area of five square miles and topping out at 500 feet at their highest point, the Amargosa Dunes are a well-kept local secret. Bring your truck or ATV, water, and a sense of adventure! Camping is also available.

Badwater Basin

Have a high time at the lowest point in North America! Badwater Basin’s salt flats sit at a
whopping 282 feet below natural sea level, making the elevation a record-breaker. The basin is named for a small nearby spring that produces salty, undrinkable “bad water.”

Beatty Museum

The Beatty Museum sits near an accumulation of one of the richest, most perfectly preserved
Ordovician-era fossil deposits in all of North America, providing nearly endless fodder for the
variety of natural-history exhibits inside. Additional displays help educate visitors on the area’s storied mining history.

Tecopa Hot Springs

The ultimate natural spa getaway! Whether camping, staying in on-site lodging, or stopping to eat at Pastel’s Bistro, you’ll want to take a dip in the natural spring-fed mineral pools, too. Their silky-smooth water is naturally heated by the earth, and contains many beneficial minerals.

China Ranch Date Farm

Not far off of the old Spanish Trail sits this small, family-owned farm; a lush, green oasis
surrounded on all sides by mountain ridges. Here, you’ll find abundant wildlife, spectacular
desert views, and of course, delicious dates, preserves, muffins and breads at the gift shop.

Death Valley

Don’t let the name fool you; Death Valley is one of the most fascinating living areas in the
American Southwest. Defined by contrast in many ways, the area includes both green space
and arid desert, elevated mountain peaks and the lowest areas in the country.

Furnace Creek

Serving as the headquarters of Death Valley National Park, Furnace Creek is loaded with
history, and things to do. Golf at the lowest-elevated course in North America, see the birthplace of Borax’s “20 mule team,” take a hiking tour of Golden Canyon, and much more!

Goldwell Open Air Museum

Free and open to the public, the Goldwell Open Air Museum presents “art where it seemingly shouldn’t be.” Beginning in 1984, a group of prominent European artists created a series of beautiful, hauntingly evocative large-scale installations at this truly unique Death Valley National Park attraction.

Hoover Dam

As the most famous dam in North America, Hoover Dam stands as an important monument. It not only impounds Lake Mead (which serves as a crucial southern Nevada water reservoir), it’s also a large-scale hydroelectric power generator. Guide-led and self-guided tours are available every day.

Dumont Dunes

The scenic Dumont Dunes are located about 31 miles north of Baker, California, and situated in an area of fierce natural beauty. Near both the Amargosa River and a ridge of volcanic hills, these natural formations make for a gorgeous hiking, biking, or off-road experience.

Red Rock Canyon

Undeniably one of the most legendarily beautiful natural preserves in North America. First
designated as a national conservation area in 1967, Red Rock Canyon encompasses
approximately 10,000 acres of stunning sandstone formations. Visitors come to enjoy horseback riding, biking, camping, rock climbing and hiking year-‘round.


Here’s your chance to check out a classic Southwestern ghost town, just like in the movies!
Rhyolite began as a mining boomtown in the early 1900’s before going bust with the mines, and now stands as a testament to the sometimes fleeting nature of prosperity.

Shoshone Museum

Since 1906, the Shoshone Museum has included an array of fascinating local exhibits.
Featuring information on the area’s native peoples, early American settlers, history of the town, and even a locally-excavated Wooly Mammoth skeleton, The Museum is a popular destination for visitors of all ages.

Spring Mountain National Recreation

Also known as Mount Charleston, SMNRA is part of the Humbodt-Toiyabe national forest.
Situated equidistant between Pahrump and Las Vegas, this beautiful park offers more than
300,000 acres of stunning views, snow-capped peaks, and incredible biodiversity, with many
native plants and animals found nowhere else.


Buried in the core of an off-the-beaten-track neighborhood in the southern Nevada community lies Coffinwood, a bonafide Weird Nevada sort of experience to say the very least. While Coffinwood is what the proprietors refer to as their actual home and property, their business – Coffin It Up – is in full swing and available to field requests for just about all the coffin-shaped goods you’d ever dream of being custom made to fit your liking.